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Elite Property Tax Consultants is a local New York company that specializes in getting your property taxes lowered. Our purpose is to save residents of Long Island money on their property taxes.

Nassau County has some of the highest taxes in the country, which is why Elite Property Tax Consultants was founded to help.


Did you know that you can grieve your property taxes every year? Well, you can!*


The process of tax grieving can be confusing, arduous, and time-consuming if you take it on by yourself. But Elite Property Tax Consultants can do all of the work for you, every year, and save you significant money.


You only pay us if we lower your property taxes. If we don't save you money, then we don' get paid. It's that simple.


*Nassau County residents are free to file a grievance every year.  Suffolk County residents who receive a reduction may not be eligible to file a grievance the following year.

Your property taxes cannot go up by filing a grievance.  


As the housing market goes through its peaks and valleys, the state rarely lowers assessed property taxes and are often far behind in their process of taxing New York residents accurately. 

We utilize a sophisticated analysis to ensure every avenue is explored that might bring a reduction to your property taxes.

By filing a grievance, the assessed value of your property may legally be reduced. And there is no risk to you. You pay absolutely nothing unless we get a successful reduction. 


You can reduce your property taxes by hundreds or even thousands of dollars. We handle the entire process, from start to finish. And remember: if we do not save you money on your property taxes, you don't pay us a dime. 

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Elite Property Tax Consultants


It's our mission to reduce your property taxes as much as possible while providing top quality customer service. We proudly serve and specialize in Nassau and Suffolk counties on Long Island.  

Completing our application is quick and easy, and you could save hundreds or thousands of dollars.


For more information, please call us at 516-428-8237 or e-mail us at


You can learn more about the assessment and appeals process by clicking the link to Apply Now.

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