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What's going on with these reassessment letters?

All properties in Nassau County are being reassessed for the first time since 2011. By now you have probably received a notice in the mail with your new tentative assessment.  We know you have questions, so here are some answers. It’s no secret that property assessments in Nassau County have been highly inaccurate for a long time. Previously promised overhauls of the assessment system faced insurmountable legal challenges and the county's Plan B is upon us.  

What does this notice mean?  Is it good or bad?   How will it affect my property taxes? How does this affect grievances that we’ve filed in the past?   Do I need to take action?  What can I do?  Who should file a grievance?  Can I file a grievance right now? 

What does this notice mean?

  • All properties in Nassau County are being reassessed. 

  • The most important number on the notice is the Market Value.  This is the value that the County will use for your assessment if you take no action.  

  • The assessments are tentative, meaning the assessment could change, for example, if you file a successful grievance.   

Is it good or bad?  How will it affect my property taxes?

  • There will be both winners and losers from the reassessment.  It will result in some people paying more and some people paying less in property taxes.   

  • The new assessments will take effect for the 2020/2021 tax year, which begins with the October 2020 School Tax bill.  It will not affect your property taxes before then.

  • It’s too early to tell exactly how the new assessments will affect your specific property taxes.  

How will this affect any grievances I’ve already filed?

  • The new assessments will take effect for tax year 2020/21 and will not impact any grievances that have already been filed. 

What should I do?

  • If you haven’t done so already, you should apply for a grievance and we’ll handle everything for you.    

  • Expect a reduction if the Market Value on your notice is higher than what your house is worth.   

  • If the Market Value on your notice is equal to or lower than what you think your house is worth, you shouldn’t necessarily expect a reduction, but you should absolutely file a grievance anyway.  85% of our clients in Nassau County have received reductions, including many who thought it would be nearly impossible to get a reduction. 

  • You can schedule a meeting with the assessor.  Most people don’t have the time or subject expertise, so they choose a representative to file a grievance for them.   

  • Apply now online and we’ll take care of everything for you.

  • E-mail us if you have any questions

Who should apply for a grievance?
Everyone in Nassau County should file a grievance with Elite.   It takes less than 2 minutes to apply.  85% of our Nassau clients receive reductions.  There is no risk – it will never cause your assessment to increase, and if we don’t get you a reduction, you pay us nothing.

Filing a grievance remains something that everyone in Nassau County must do to ensure they’re not paying more in property taxes than they have to.  If you don’t file a grievance, you’re losing money.  
Can I file a grievance right now?

Yes!  You can apply by 
clicking this link. 
The process remains confusing and with all these changes, people need an expert on their side now more than ever.  We all agree that the people of Nassau County deserve a fair assessment system.  Until our politicians can deliver on that promise, the team at Elite will be right here fighting for you.

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